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Carol Folt’s Strategic Planning Initiative (“Smarm Wars”?

) has produced an expensive video purportedly describing The Dartmouth Student of the Future.

Students are still angry at last year’s Dartmouth Dining Services restructuring, which changed DDS staffers’ bloated wages not a bit, but hiked the…

The Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya is reporting (machine-translated here) that Crispin Scott ‘13 was in all likelihood murdered by a predator with a history of sexual abuse and violence. Scott Johnson at Powerline shares an affectionate reminiscence about Classics Professor Edward Bradley, who taught him about Ovid’s Metamorphoses in 1970, and who introduced his daughter to Latin this past fall. The College’s hazing scandal has made ABC’s Boston affiliate WCBV-TV5 and also WMUR-TV9 in New Hampshire.

Voor onze groeiende groep trouwe Fordrijders hebben we dan ook de unieke Auto Bolhuis service: Een sterke klantgerichte aanpak en een doordacht after sales beleid.

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