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But since life has its way of turning things around, he survived and took to social media to find a friend.Knowing and experiencing this kind of trauma first-hand, Matthew has always been the greatest supporter of anyone who has had it tough in life.Never once will you find this young man ever letting negativity get through to him and will never find him advocating anything but sheer grit and love.

Coming out of the closet was not a special event in Matthew’s life especially, not with his mother or friends.

Almost made to feel like the scum of the earth, Matthew thought the best way out would be to take his life.

Lush is openly gay and is one of the most popular gay You Tubers of this generation with his enthusiastic pro-gay videos and his no-nonsense attitude!

Gay You Tube star Matthew Lush started a contest called ‘MY GAY ONLINE BOYFRIEND 2’ at the beginning of October where a slew of eligible bachelors competed for his affection. “I give my heart so fast and I’m so easy to accept the idea of loving someone so fast,” the contest winner said in his own video.

Shedding light on the kind of struggles the gay community mostly goes through, and sometimes even taking the over-the-board route by sharing rather provocative videos, Lush’s channels are definitely a no-borer.

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