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ELLE: You once described yourself as the woman in your marriage. JB: This is a very antiquated view of roles, but I do all of the cleaning and the laundry. In my family, if there's an issue, you confront it.

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The couple welcomed their son Lazlo Biggs on Monday at Lenox Hill Hospital, a rep for Mollen confirmed to Page Six. One shows her gazing lovingly at her deceased dog’s ashes in a pineapple container, while another shows footage of her husband, 39, as she headed in for a C-section. I’m leaving with wires attached,” she said in an Instagram story on Thursday. “I’m going to go home and eat my placenta,” she told Instagram. Mollen and Biggs also have a 3-year-old son together named Sid.

The quirky actress, 38, posted multiple videos from the hospital on her Instagram account. it was time.” She also shared some post-delivery plans with fans.

In 1999, after making his Broadway debut opposite Judd Hirsch in Conversations With My Father, Jason Biggs came to national attention in a slightly less prestigious role: as the guy who had sex with a pastry in American Pie.

It was a generation-defining film—the Breakfast Club of its era—telling the story of four hapless teenagers desperate to lose their virginity before the prom, and propelling the unknown cast to silly stardom. He's going to be an annoying little douche." Well, I'm not that guy.

As a kid, there were moments when I thought they should call it quits.

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