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v10.08 Fixed: Bug Report_21B00000 v10 Settings form is NIL, on shutdown" v10.08 Fixed: Other fixes v10.08 Fixed: Set Large Size bug finally fixed.

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The building’s combination of contemporary American styles with the existing tradition of British architecture means this building occupies a unique place within the history of New Zealand commercial architecture.

The construction of Manchester Courts helped to establish the Luttrell brothers as architects in New Zealand and the magnitude and style of this building reflected the importance and size of the company it was built for.” So, these “concerns” that the Council has over the building – what exactly are they? That is exactly the point in question – it seems that no one really knows what the building is made of.

The Christchurch Civic Trust is fighting hard for its retention – and we’ve joined in as well – but the various Engineer’s reports do not make for happy reading.

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