Vb net call validating event

The site map data can be bound to other data Web controls using the Site Map Data Source and can be accessed programmatically via the class.

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What I want is to disable a refresh of gridview on button select click so I can select row that I want and refresh gridview manualy.

this tutorial is for selecting gridview row without select button, I need to have select button in gridview.

These two tasks - defining the site map and implementing a navigational user interface based on the site map - are easy to accomplish thanks to the Site Map framework and the Navigation Web controls added in ASP. The Site Map framework allows for a developer to define a site map and then to access it through a programmatic API (the class).

The built-in Navigation Web controls include a Menu control, the Tree View control, and the Site Map Path control.

In this tutorial and the next three we will be examining various Membership-related functions and capabilities. NET pages to implement the topics examined throughout these tutorials.

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