Udating video drivers with linux os

Bug 10282 | Interactive bulletins can now be uploaded using the Carousel user interface and will be hosted locally on the Carousel Server.It is important to note that only static files including HTML, CSS, and images are supported.

This bug was introduced by a change to the installer user interface to confirm if a user wants to exit the installer when an installation is in progress.

When already complete, the exit action would trigger an infinite loop causing the installer to crash. Bug 10293 | As of Carousel 7.0 the Carousel Player installer is provided in the Carousel user interface to make it easier to commission new players without needing to contact Tightrope Media Systems for download keys.

The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup.

The service now ensures the objects do not get leaked resulting in acceptable memory use.

Bug 10287 | Fixed several drop down lists where channels were sorted by an internal ID and not by the name of the channel.

Last modified 23-Jan-2019 22:33