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) If you didn't catch it, this South Park episode is about how smug Prius owners, and progs in general, are.

In San Francisco, Kyle's father is glad to meet like-minded "progressive" people, who, mid-conversation, loudly fart, bend over and sniff with pleasure, then resume discussing their philosophies.

Tolerance, by leftist definition, is the absence of opposition to socialism. Oh, and to stay on topic - despite their constant bragging about being more scientific than thou (global warming, evolution, atheism, etc.), progs just LOVE voodoo and various mystical cults that comprise New Age.

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Ask a Ukrainian nationalist and it's Ukrainians who suffered the most. When the Germans believed they suffered the most they turned into Nazis.

The Irish believed they suffered the most and they got the IRA.

It is entirely possible that Obama gave Iran all those billions of dollars so that they also install separate ATMs for transgendered customers because anything else would be discriminatory. Progs also tolerate sexual assault and harassment if it's coming from the warm and diverse cultures.

In this video, a self-identified male immigrant is publicly dry-humping a self-identified female London police officer as she holds on to her checkered hat.

Analyzing the photographs, he said harshly: 'Michelle appears to have a very large penis in her pants.

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