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As there was an imbalance in the disease stages between the groups (more stage IV diseases in the control group) and an unblinded outcome assessment, the risk of bias in this study is high.There are two case reports published with artesunate, both reporting stabilization or regression of tumour growth during treatment with additional artesunate, while the tumour was progressing under standard treatment alone.22,23 In a third report of a patient who received artemether, a reduction in density of the tumour and improved quality of life was observed.24Animal studies suggest that artemisinin and related compounds inhibit tumour growth and metastasis and prolong survival upon administration of 10-100mg/(kg day) in xenografts of a wide variety of cancer cells.2,6,10,18 The dosages applied are much higher than those used in anti-malaria treatment.There is no documented safe or effective dose for the possible use of A.

The Chinese pharmacopoeia lists the dry herb as a remedy for fever and malaria.

The daily dose described is 4.5 to 9 grams of dried herb to be prepared as a tea infusion with boiling water.

Read about the regulation, supervision and reimbursement of herbal medicine at NAFKAMs website CAM Regulation.

Artemisia annua, also known as sweet wormwood, sweet annie, sweet sagewort and annual wormwood (Chinese: qīnghāo), is a common type of wormwood that is native to temperate Asia but naturalized throughout the world.1 It belongs to the family of Asteraceae and has fern-like leaves, bright yellow flowers and a camphor-like scent.

Far more research has been published on the effect of these compounds than on artemisinin itself.

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