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I feel they have taken advantage of customer loyalty and the knowledge that once your pet has a pre-existing condition you are pretty stuffed if you want to find cover elsewhere.I feel totally let down by Sainsbury's and advise potential customers to avoid Sainsbury's pet insurance completely given this behaviour Comment on this Review I have been with Sainsbury's pet insurance for 7 years since my Lab was 8wks.In short, they 'believe' that our dog 'should' be covered for ongoing treatment. Clearly this is a risky strategy given how expensive vets bills can be, and the age of our oldest dog (and the clumsiness of the younger one lol) so we are still considering our options. Comment on this Review I am just dealing with Sainsbury's now. I have been an Insurance Broker for over 40 years and have never allowed any of my staff to treat Clients like this!

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The reasons given by Sainburys were due to increases in vet's fees, an increase from 10 to 12% in insurance tax and the fact that my dog is now 7 years old.

She has a pre-existing skin condition but have made only one relatively small claim in the past year, so do not feel this is justified and intend to cancel and save the equivalent monthly payment to cover potential costs.

She is now 12, and every year Sainsbury's have put the price up and this year my renewal fee has just come through at 127.00 A MONTH!

I do claim for arthritis medication each month but I do not know how they can justify putting the insurance up this much!

WTF Now you may think that's not bad he drives a smart car, he has expensive things in his house if its house insurance.

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