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She didn't recognize me at first so I introduced myself as her old teacher. There was a girl sitting alone, so I asked if I could eat lunch with her.She looked taken aback for a moment, and then said, "Oh my God... She said yes, and as I sat down I tried to open my bag of chips.

FML Today, it's White Day, a tradition in Japan where men buy gifts for women. I wasn't expecting a gift and really didn't care about today being White day until the coworker, an American who overseas everyone, came into our office and handed out gifts in front of everyone.

A coworker walks in with gifts, hands them out to the local women, explains the holiday to a new guy, and walks out. Then because one of the Americans in our office didn't know what white day was, he explained that out of all the Americans sitting there, I would... Things were getting hot and heavy and he asked me if I had a condom.

Japan is by far the largest market for smut, but South Korea and the Philippines aren’t far behind.

Each country brings something unique to Asian pornography and it can all be explored here.

Today, I learned that the college I'm going to in the fall has been tampering with their ratings on the internet and actually only has a 5% graduation rate.

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