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If you are unsure of exactly what your silver or silver plate item is called, we suggest that you use Google search engine and enter as much information as you have on your item (Silver manufacturer's name, pattern number, etc.) to locate a similar item.

Also, your local public library is chock-full of reference books on and about silver, antique silver, china and other items. Man's timeless fascination with silver stretches back 6,000 years. C., the Mesopotamian merchants used silver as a form of exchange.

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Critics who maintain that very little of the Bible is historically trustworthy claimed that the scrolls were written in the Hellenistic (Inter-Testamental) Period, rather than being genuine products of the Old Testament era (Barkay et al. Recently, the West Semitic Research organization in California took “detailed, high-resolution images” of the unrolled scrolls, and these images have revealed features of the scrolls’ Hebrew lettering that had previously been undetectable.

This new evidence was examined by a group of scholars consisting of Gabriel Barkay of the Department of Land of Israel Studies at Bar Ilan University; Andrew G. Lundberg of West Semitic Research; and Bruce Zuckerman of the University of California’s School of Religion.

The exact Hebrew words (translated into English) are: magazine, reporting on the find, stated that this discovery suggests that at least part of the Old Testament was written soon after some of the events it describes (Lemonick 1995: 65)...

The discovery made it clear that parts of the Old Testament were being copied long before some skeptics had believed they were even written (ibid., 67)two amulets are evidence of the antiquity of traditions preserved in the Bible; it also provides indirect evidence, as do the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts from the Second Temple period, of the accuracy of scribes who for centuries copied sacred texts (1995: 45).

Many people believe their silverplated heirlooms are sterling silver. Silver makers are very proud of their sterling silver crafted items and practically always mark the item in a clear and most conspicuous way.

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