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A fragment appeared in semi-autobiographical context in the film Purple Rain, and its melody was used as the main motif of "Computer Blue"'s back end.

Here, the piano melody is teased out and ghosted with synth, becoming an easy-listening psychedelic coda to this scrapbook culled from what may stand as Prince's hottest streak.

Announcing on social media that Sheila had died yesterday, aged 92, he posted a picture of them together in happier times and said: 'So sad to say that my mother passed away this morning. Love, Elton.'Stuart Epps, who worked with Elton in the Seventies, told me: 'I think the whole world is relieved for Elton that he saw her before she died and that they had a chance to make it up.'He is, however, concerned about Sheila's funeral and the awkward encounters it may throw up.'I think it's going to be very difficult for Elton, because all her best friends are people who he has sacked or isn't speaking to, but he's going to have to go to the funeral and face them,' Epps says.

I only saw her last Monday and I am in shock.'Travel safe Mum. Stuart Epps, who worked with Elton (pictured with Sheila) in the Seventies, told Alison Boshoff: 'I think the whole world is relieved for Elton that he saw her before she died and that they had a chance to make it up.'And how exactly Elton's former friends and employees will react to Elton's husband, David Furnish, if he is among the mourners, is another contentious issue.

Details sparkle: the string flourishes on "Take Me With You" and "Purple Rain"; the finger-snap on "When Doves Cry," just after dude coos about "you and I engaged in a kiss"; the actual kiss around the three-minute mark of "Baby I'm a Star."The bonus disc titled From the Vault & Previously Unreleased opens with "The Dance Electric," an apocalyptic 11-minute party jam with a churning machine-funk groove and Syndrum sequences that mirror West African talking-drum salvos.

"Good morning, children" begins the Purple Proctor, echoing the "Dearly beloved" intro of "Let's Go Crazy." He instructs his charges to "Listen to the rhythm of your soul," and that they'd "better love each other," invoking Babylon and the "light of truth" along the way."Love and Sex" – unrelated to the Sheila E song of the same – refracts elements of "Take Me With You" in a galloping mix of Prince tropes, decked out in squishy DX-7 synths, "sh-boom"s and "sha-la-la-la"s.

Sheila Farebrother's 90th birthday party was a night to remember, kicking off at 4pm and continuing long after midnight as She and her 80 guests danced and sang along to a succession of Elton John hits .

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