Sexy random web cam chat

As with everything today, the more we develop technologically the better the service gets.

It was just a matter of time until other cam sex sites started popping up around the web.

......sorry........never mind..........hangs head in shame and exits stage left......: FFFUUU i'll do it if he doesn't, lol, only joking, but i would if i was th OP, randyvan...? Queenish: Circumcision was invented to discou Circumcision was invented to discourage masturbation.

But basically, yeah, it's mutilation and many here are clearly too stupid to realize it; they would probably say it's part of manhood too if cutting off a finger on newborn was part of the tradition.

Of course, there are other great sites out there, some of them with more exciting features and probably more gorgeous models.

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