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Hey, major props for being original with both your art and your game concept. I spent some good time with this game up until I couldn't get any higher in the forth stage. 20 Dr_baconman Rating: 9 By the way, I forgot to mention.... Id even go as far to say its one of the best indie games ever made, in terms of concept.

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Its a new experience, and for some developers (including me), a new experience is one of the main things they wish to create with their game.

The problem with Sexy Hiking being so difficult is that its not going to encourage people to play on.

Athanatophobos 08/22/2017 4 months ago First : - asd - you've a sister - you've a boyfriend - you're beautiful - you're gorgeous - you're a naughty girl - you're a bad girl Then : : 5% kiss 10% lick 15% twirl hair 20% drink 25% show tit 30% show tit 35% show tits 40% rub tit 45% touch ass 50% show belly 55% lift your dress 60% rub leg 65% shake 70% dance 75% lapdance 80% jump 85% switch off the light 90% sweep 95% come closer 100% come closer and show pussy 105% turn 110% bend 115% lay down When you have 100%, you can say "strip". tada you are beautiful Thanks baby you are very attractive too. Thank you gros Plan Seins Anything to make you happy!

riderio 06/16/2016 1 year ago kiss Cheeky monkey...

The games that have a hodgepodge of graphical styles and music.

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