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Harmony works via an app on a smartphone or tablet which allows users to ‘build’ her personality.

She will ‘remember’ your family members’ names, your favourite colour, food, book or movie.

” So she can be at home and you ask her, “Tell me something about animals” and she will.’ Holly said: ‘At some point they’re gonna go, “I’m old enough to realise that Samantha…Daddy has sex with Samantha, and Samantha’s not mummy”. ’ She said: ‘I’m not offended to have her around or worried she might replace me. That whole idea of her not really being able to react.

You can even turn on the lights before you get home by using your phone. There is no worry about someone else or an affair, we don't have to worry about disease," said Nguyen, according to the Daily Post.

It is modes such as ‘shy’ which most concern critics, who cite another sexbot as a blatant invitation to ‘normalise’ rape. ’Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism project, said creating a robot willing to have non-consensual sex ‘is to risk normalising rape but giving it a publicly acceptable face’.

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