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The life of a migrant worker in China is precarious, and for those in the sex industry, the risks are all the greater.

Sex dating in myanmar

I didn’t have far to look..."Stories of murder and mayhem abound in Kachin State’s casino town...

"Welcome to the Macao of northern Burma: Maija Yang, once a backward Kachin State border village but now a bustling boom town with more than a dozen casinos catering to Chinese gamblers sidelined by restrictions in their own country.

Club owners often invite government officials along for some “relaxation,” she claims.

Linn Linn worked in a Rangoon brothel until a 2002 police crackdown on prostitution.

Their role is equal, but supportive and complementary rather than in competition with men and if they accept a role a step behind their menfolk, they do so freely and willingly.

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