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Remember Tamie its Sissy Michelles rules because she picks the game! Tamie you must pay attention at all time that Michelle is not touching herself in her diaper.

That is not suitable for a good little babysissy." I know that I must not touch my diaper. But the feeling of Tamie so near to me is just too exciting. And whatewer I do to my dowwy here you must do it to me too." That's a funny game I play with Mommy.

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" "go ahead Tamie, put Sissy Michelle on your lap and tell her how sweet and adorable she is! I do think Sissy Michelle is very pretty and I dont know why but I am sort of attracted to her,but to have to talk sweet sissy talk in front of everyone is so humiliating,even for this silly sissy! Mommy puts me in every time she cannot spend her time looking after me. So it's such a relief when Tamie bends over me and unfast the buckles.

" Come on now Tamie Lots of kissies and huggies for Sissy Michelle! I can smell her sweet perfume, The wool of her tunique seems to be uncredibly soft. The shape of her sissy dolly underneath is absolutly fascinating.

Your little dolly is so cute and I see it is very excited! " Tamie rubs baby oil all over Michelles little behind and all around her little dolly!!

Finally sweet baby powder completes the task of cleaning our sissy!

And her Nanny, whom I didn't know, would take care of both of us, while she and her sister would go away for a trip. I feel a bit embarrassed in my diaper, sitting in the playpen, wearing the harness that Mommy puts me in when she wants me to stand still. Your mother and I thought this was the perfect idea!

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