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Her data, published in , shows that college seniors have hooked up with an average of 8 people over 4 years — that’s two a year or one a semester.Twenty-four percent of students have never hooked up, and 28% have hooked up more than 10 times.England that they hooked up and dated before their most recent relationship became a "relationship," 26% dated without hooking up beforehand. But because of the widespread myth that everyone is hooking up all the time, it sometimes seems like the date is dead.

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England asked if, before their most recent relationship, students either hooked up, dated, or both, 67% answered both, and stated that the hook-up came before the date."This presents women who want relationships with a real dilemma,” Dr. “The main path into relationships today is through hook-ups, but through hooking up, they also risk men’s thinking that they aren’t ‘relationship material.’”Dr.

Peggy Drexler, assistant professor of psychology in psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, tells , “What remains most unchanged, among all this talk of liberation and freedom from gender stereotypes, is that the classic double standard is still very much alive in hook-up culture.

Studies also show that both men and women judge promiscuous women — and that even promiscuous women judge other promiscuous women.”As a college woman myself, I’ve wondered if guys would lose respect for me if I hooked up with them, and the numbers validate this concern.

Thirty-one percent of men and 21% of women have respected someone less after hooking up with them, while 22% of men and 54% of women have had the feeling that someone respected them less after hooking up, according to Dr. It's 2015 — can we please get past the slut-shaming?

Instead of pinning the lack of dating on hooking up, she attributed it to women’s ambition. As college students, we barely have time for ourselves, let alone time for another person, and because we all want to take over the world by the time we’re 30, we’d rather do the career stuff first.

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