Ipad adult video chat room - Sccm direct membership collection not updating

I've since added an exception to Trend File scanning for the PROGRAM FILES\MICROSOFT CONFIGURATION MANAGER\inboxes folder and I've noticed a considerable improvement - I'll post back after a week or so to let you know how it's going.It seems the actual problem here was down to the sheer volume of collections running updates.Cause: This is most likely a case where the limiting collection does not contain “the device” you added as a direct member.

Direct membership rule info stored in v_Collection Rule Direct View , For more information about SQL Views in Configmgr, refer this Excel spreadsheet Schedule can be of anything listed below: select coll.

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For some reason my SCCM collections are refusing to update.

The fix is to make sure that “The Device” in all the collections in the Limiting train.

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