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As a result of that, he ended up getting an agent and getting more and more jobs as a Jack Nicholson look-alike.

He worked doing that for many, many years and had a fantastic time. I’ve got more and more involved with doing things in my hometown in Wales, Port Talbot.

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But he's also down for fun and amazingly bizarre acting roles as well (30 Rock, The Spoils of Babylon ).

He stars in the critically acclaimed (but sadly, not acclaimed enough to get nominated for a Best Drama Emmy this year) Masters of Sex as the brilliant and controlling Dr. Along with his well-rounded acting resume, Sheen was the captain of the Rest of the World soccer team in this year's Soccer Aid game (his third time as captain).

The 45-year-old Welshman seems to be attracted to a diverse group of talented ladies — and they're attracted right back.

If you don't think of "sexy" when you think of "Welshman," you're clearly forgetting about Sir Tom Jones who gets panties thrown onstage to him on the regular.

Sarah did put her humour to one side when she opened up about the dilemma of having a baby. I'm going through such a crisis in that way because my whole life I've been like, 'Ah, I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I love kids but someday'.

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