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Archaeological sites representing the early occupation of Samoa will be targeted for future National Register nominations. This might explain why there was an apparent "dark ages" in Samoan prehistory - pottery bearing sites were all assumed to date to the earliest period of Samoan prehistory and hence charcoal was often not collected from upper pottery bearing deposits for dating. One site type that was probably utilized during this period are the stone quarries.

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Samoan dating culture

1992) and the Cook Islands (Walter 1990; Kirch & Weisler pers. One of the significant stone tool type manufactured from basalt extracted from these quarries were adzes.

Large quantities of basalt debris have been found in various village sites (e.g., Maloata [Ayers & Eisler 1987] and Tulauta [Frost 1978; Clark 1980; Brophy 1986]).

Defensive fortification sites, often located high on ridges and mountains, are characteristic of this period.

These fortifications were used as refuges to which those individuals not directly involved moved and where the warriors retreated when necessary (Williams 1984).

Quarries continued to be used during this time period.

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