Repositoryexception while retry updating documents in master repository

In the standard JCR-implementation, these are all nodes with a Returns all content (Sling Resources, typically JCR Nodes) tagged with all or one of the given tags, but only content that lies below the given base path.

In the standard JCR-implementation, these are all nodes with a as of 2.4 (bundle version 2.5.0) because of inherent security issues.

It identifies the activities that determine to which logical changes this version contributes, and on which lines of descent this version appears.: When the current operation is cancelled by the last operation, the list of operations is not modified.

If there is a non-empty request parameter of that name, this parameter is returned.

Please note that the visibility of tags and the right to create a tag depend on the user of the session (access rights are simply mapped to node read and creation rights of the repository), so an administrative session like above could do more than a "normal" user.

This property determines the DAV:activity-set property of the version that results from checking in this resource.

DAV:activity-set is a required property for a version resource, if the server supports the activity feature.

Please note that this methods should perform basic validation checks in order to prevent exceptional situations during the xml serialization.

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