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When marriage is in a broken place, it can be very damaging to a culture when people see Christians not cohesive in marriage; that’s why it needs to be taken so seriously. They emphasized that you’re speaking your vows of covenant before God, before your family and friends.

It was very sobering, in a way, to recognize the gravity and the hugeness of marriage, but then also realize that a relationship is .

I think in going forward it will be more of an affirming message: God’s way is beautiful. Even long distance we will read this devotion and respond to the questions. I think in some ways so far — praise the Lord — it’s deepened our love for each other.

We share our hearts a lot and it’s a beautiful connection.

Who knew a journey into the minds of men could lead to finding the man of your dreams?

The big defining element was that he knew how to cherish me as a woman.

I think a lot of guys struggle with that because it takes a lot of strength and a lot of confidence, as a man, to really truly cherish a woman.

We would really appreciate people’s prayers as we grow in marriage. Our wedding was medium-size — about 150 people — and different people said there was such an extraordinary sense of the Holy Spirit and such a beauty to the wedding itself.

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