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We recognize faces in almost everything we encounter from clouds to door handles.In the movie castaway, Tom Hanks character seems to be able to live through great challenges by naming his volley ball Wilson and carrying on a dialogue through his four years of isolation.According to Psych Central, "Anthropomorphism carries many important implications.

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In addition, anthropomorphized entities become responsible for their own actions.

That is, they become deserving of punishment and reward." Undoubtedly, people would try to develop more meaningful relationships with their robot companions, particularly if robots could display some semblance of human emotion. In the movie Her, it does, and without the aid of a physical relationship.

If a person uses a robot for sex, can the primary partner consider that infidelity and sue?

How far will humans go to keep their obsolete robots still working? Perhaps robots will one day no longer be considered possessions.

One of the ongoing threads in the show, which ran for seven years, was Data's efforts to develop a more emotional connection to others.

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