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Three cheers for a great dad – but I hate being a burden on others because of our life choices.

I know what it’s like to be alone on a Sunday morning getting the kids ready for church…driving there…parking super far out in the parking lot because I was running late – then walking in on ice, in slippery shoes, carrying a baby and trying to wrangle a toddler and making it into the service and just wanting to lay down on the pew for a rest because getting the kids there was so exhausting. Now I should have put a bucket over it and waited 3 days for my husband to come home – but the kids were screaming and on the counter and I was disgusted so…I got the dust pan – put it over it – and then stepped on it – DUH!!!

But I put on a smile and press on – for the kids sake, for my husband’s sake – for my own sake. I know what it’s like to come home and find a mouse alive – in a trap – in the middle of my kitchen floor because some how it squirmed out from the pantry closet and there it sits with it’s beedy eyes staring at me and there’s no man to dispose of it! Big no no – …but I did – and blood splattered everywhere…

So I took a bad situation and made it WAY worse – I KNOW!

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