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Therefore, when adding them to our database, we provide their actual location. S., Canada, Europe and Australia cannot be scammers, as they will be immediately found and dealt with by law enforcement.

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Men scammers of dating siteslist want online dating

I would like to report a potential scammer who has scammed me into a marriage from the Philippines.

A: We do not distribute information added to our site reports to any other organizations. What do you do if it is a man that you feel is scamming?

A: You can always do it yourself by placing your story on our forum and ask other users for advice.

Q: 2 women have asked me for Internet $$ 2 WOMEN HAVE ASKED ME FOR INTERNET $$ WHICH I KNOW IS A COMMON SCAM.

I am trying to see if my communication with a woman in the UK is legit or not.

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