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Nine times out of 10, the director wants you to take your little part and make something awesome. Nobody ever stopped you."Shortly after the release of , an independent horror movie helmed by Wes Craven. ' She picked up the phone and called them, which I thought was very funny.

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As he spoke, he chewed his way through a pulled pork sandwich with added bacon (despite the waitress's insistence that he was going to die). He acted throughout high school and after a short time at a junior college called up his parents and told them he needed to quit school.

"I distinctly remember saying to my mom, ' Look, I can always go back and get my degree,'" he said.

He continued to be given secondary roles, while still upholding a reputation for strikingly high-energy performances.

He played Brock Hudson, a parody of a choreographer Adam Shankman, surged with boundless enthusiasm.

"There were just full-throttle choices all the time. He had roles in films you've probably never heard of — , Lillard assumed he'd never get the role.

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