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Other people in the hospital provide contrast, support, and the more-than-occasional weird situation: J. Chris Turk, a surgeon who tries to be the best and blackest thing since burnt sliced toast; nurse Carla Espinosa, the Team Mom to the staff with a penchant for delivering advice whether you like it or not; Dr. D's (female) on-again, off-again love interest and possibly the only doctor on staff more nerdy and psychologically messed-up than he is; Dr.

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That you're raising the bar for interns everywhere?

For three years I've been watching you pine after blonde doctor, and I'll tell you, everyone is sick of it; 'Will they? Looks like they're going to, ooo at the last second something went wrong uuuaaaacome on!

She just didn’t CARE – because she KNEW she wasn’t out of control – she had a happy secret.

Today she admitted she’s expecting a BOY- her first child with new husband Jose Baston!

He’s not buying any nice large size clothing so he can go anywhere without being noticed.

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