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You can track your Vantage Score credit score (which is based on Equifax data) on a monthly basis and view copies of all three credit reports and scores annually.

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A service which monitors your credit reports as well as various other data, such as public records, utility account applications and known Internet black market websites, serves as an alarm system to let you know when suspicious activity has been detected.

The crime has usually already occurred — for example, if you are alerted to a cell phone service account opened using your social security number and name in another state, that means whoever was responsible already possesses the information they need to commit crimes in your name.

S.-based restoration team, as well as a Million Dollar Protection Package which provides compensation for personal expenses related to identity theft (e.g., fees to replace personal documents), lawyers and other experts necessary to resolve your case and up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement. It provides monitoring of your three credit reports, but only lets you view a copy of your Equifax credit report.

Note that if you sign up for Life Lock and you have already been victimized, some limitations might apply, such as an inability to be reimbursed for stolen funds related to fraud committed in your name before you became a member. You can also lock and unlock your Equifax credit file — essentially the same thing as placing a credit freeze.

The cost for this plan is $26.99/month if you choose to pay monthly or $24.74/month when you pay for one year upfront ($296.90/year), and those prices factor in an exclusive 10% discount offered to Next Advisor readers — you must sign up through our site to get this discount.

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