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He’s cleverly balanced the programme to feature those two pieces, which most people probably won’t have heard before, with two pieces that are much more familiar.” They are Mozart’s very tuneful which, judging from comments on You Tube, must be one of the most popular and influential pieces of choral music written by any living composer.

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” Mark has studied at the Kodály Institute in Hungary too, So it was natural for Kodály’s music to feature prominently in his first programme with Orpheus on Saturday: the dramatic , a haunting folk Song.

“The former Stretches the choir in terms of technique and vocal range, while the latter tests the Soloists’ capacity to sing in Hungarian,” said Keith, “The bass line I’m in just has to hum in Hungarian.

Long gone are the days when it was nicknamed the Hexham Awfulness and the audience at its concert in Corbridge’s St Andrew’s Church can look forward to a class act.

For today the choir enjoys a reputation that draws professional Soloists from London and many another metropolis to sing with them at their annual Spring concert.

We were told that it was our duty to hold authorities to account and it was drummed into us that we were the eyes and ears of the people - whether at the sentencing of a murder case or a general election result we are amongst the privileged few who get a ringside seat when history is made. With the stratospheric increase in blogging and social media, some might think the NCTJ qualification unnecessary today but, personally, I think it’s more important than ever.

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