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I had always assumed he was gay, despite the fact that his Facebook tried to prove otherwise.We met up for several rounds of drinks, which lead us down a rabbit hole to a very interesting and heated discussion about my own sexuality and his: Keep in mind, when I point-blank asked him who or what he was attracted to (because, face it, after some bourbon, these things happen), he gave me a roundabout answer., which chronicles the lives of four men, three of whom are married to women, and their same-sex attraction.

Best put by one cast member, “I’m interested in men, I’m just not interested in men.” It’s sad, upsetting, and downright depressing to think about these four men and their lives they’ve created.

But make no mistake: We don’t have to head to Utah to find this sort of repressive sexual behavior. There’s a lot we need to demystify and unpack here in order to even begin to comprehend how one can live in such an elaborate alternative world: yes, the Mormon church surely has a lot to do with it.

Brian Sandoval’s decision to expand the state Medicaid program as a commitment to the health of all Nevadans and a boost for a critical sector of the state’s economy.“Ensuring that poor Nevadans have access to primary health care through Medicaid is very simply the right thing to do, both for our citizens and our economy,” said Sen.

“It will reduce our rate of uninsured and provide individuals with greater economic security.” State Sen.

In the trailer for the special, there’s a short moment where some of the men are playing basketball with no shirts on.

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