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Both your most-recent statement balance and your spending limit can be found on your monthly bill.

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Therefor your balance on card is not showing credit, and you scores for credit move slowly. but unless you pay the bill that is min, plus interest I dont suggest this being a good choice for a credit card. I was also told the 15%off would reflect on my first bill. You can to send a void check to their office.3, The email notification does not include the balance, they even send you notification when the balance is 0.4, They do not make effort in informing you about late payment, which will result in your credit score drop as many as 200 points if you have a late payment. I've dialed about 6 customer service numbers that I was able to find online.

Other wise it will look like you are purchasing products with the credit card when in fact it is interest that is being spent. When it didn't, I called the Credit Card company and they said it would reflect on my next bill, up to $50.00!! For anyone who thinks you're not using this card, better check the online statement regularly or cancel this card if you don't use it.5, No use to complain to their customer service, all you get is "that is your fault" or "that is your responsibility". I would also like to add that the security is terrible.

Well you would be paying of course your interest, just like all loans or balance's plus 40 towards your bill. I laughed and said "Sir, I can see how the post office might misplace one of my monthly stat events. This is the worst credit card I have ever used1, The reward is not as high as other free credit cards2, There is no front desk or branch where you can set up pre-authorized payment.

The only difference is in most cards and loans they don't take the interest out of your credit card, it just is applied to you bill. Call the card again to get the rudest person ever so I cancelled my card. The main reason I applied for this credit card was because I was told I would get 15% off my bill. But for them to misplace TWO statements back to back and only on this card!?! " He said well it says we mailed it then we mailed it." I am a anal person when it comes to credit card bills, any bill for that fact. So it's extremely annoying they never gave me a chance to pay. Nor can you set it up via phone which is ridiculous.

To report a lost card online, go to your account summary page and there should be a link that says “Request Replacement Card.” You should also make sure to check the recent recent transactions that have posted to your account and then review your next few monthly statements in detail just to make sure no one used the card without authorization before you reported it missing.

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