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The graphics are good and the eventual sex scene is good, but it`s a LOOONG way to go for some naked pictures and a single decent sex scene.

Even using a walkthrough to avoid making mistakes, it is still a several hour long proposition!

This is a quality game but if you want quick sex look elsewhere Great game with a good story and quality artwork.

Wish there was a way to have multiple re-load points instead of only loading your most recent save.

I hope you can continue to develop, I would be a Patreon investor for sure!

*spoiler alert* @cambridge4453 sorry ,but this game doesn`t even have sex at all.

Also I always chose shower/groom over clean up notes and clean up room. Oh and fantastic game but I agree with the majority - unnecessarily long and the lag on dialogue is annoying. But, to be a honest, it`s a bit long and could have a different ending. Almost made me wish it exist such a woman like Carla in rl. This game is hella long and for me there was a bug with the text delay speed, so when you`re texting with her IT TAKES FUCKING FOREVER. (Carla class ( if you do everything as I said, end on Tuesday with 20 pts of "friend level" and 15 "love level" )) Wednesday 11 Lifting weights, pushups and sit-ups Thursday 12 Of course!

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