Formview fired event itemupdating which wasn t match online dating site

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i have two buttons in itemtemplate of the formview, new and edit.

when the user clicks on new button i want to change the mode to insert mode. protected void New Button_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Your code should be placed within the Form View.

The Form View is o...formview change mode Hi, I have a formview..i want to show it in insert mode when there is no record and in update mode when there is a record in the table.can i do it.anyone know..thanksthanks a lotv Hi, I havent actually tried it but just check if this works.protected void Form View1_Data Bound(object sender, Event Args e) Hope this helps. Net, MCDBAPlease choose "Mark as Answer" for the post that leads you to a solution Not sure if you can do this kind of thing declar... But when am clicking the "Edit" or "Delete" button, nothing happens. Thank you Are you wiring up your events to change the mode that is being displayed? I'm trying to change the mode of the form view it works the first time, however, for example if i am in insert mode and try and go back to readonly mode, it doesnt work. protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Steve Wellens My blog...

Changing Form View Mode Hi, I have an aspx page, that contains a gridview and 2 form views. When I select a value from the gridview I check to see if two tables are populated, these tables contain the data that is in the form views. I have a button called cancel with commandname = "cancel" in the insertmode. How do I control parameter a control that is inside a formview that has another formview in it? NET Web Forms Dynamic Data Field Templates for Db Geography Spatial Types...

Default Mode for th formview is readonly, and the Item Template has an edit button with the commandname "Edit".

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