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He’s resolute about remaining with his wife so they can raise their son together, but he still sustains Darling’s lifestyle.He purchases her art—one painting alone sold for ,000—and purchases her art supplies in bulk when she can’t afford it.

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Darling never asks them if they want to meet or gave them a choice in the matter.

Instead, she uses the mantra, “it has to be on my terms or it ain’t gonna happen” as a shield for criticism.

If polyamorous relationships are predicated on boundaries and communication, Darling fails time and time again to take her partners into account when she’s making decisions that impact them.

For instance, she takes a phone call from another man while in bed with Overstreet.

It’s a lose-lose scenario that has nothing to do with polyamory, and everything to do with Darling’s inability to effectively communicate.

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