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False claims can prompt a correction that reveals more clues to add to the doxx, or just a entertainingly outraged response from a target.

/baphomet/ users post the doxx of a journalist covering the recent swatting of Gamer Gate critics.

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It’s a disingenuous argument, however, because they aren't concerned about accuracy.

If your doxx happens to have inaccurate information, who cares?

Doxxers will search name/address/phone number databases, social media accounts, forum posts, web registrar information and whois searches, archives of old websites, and anything else that may contain public traces they can put together.

If your real name is available online, if you reused any account names on different services, if you reused an email address on multiple sites, if your IP address was ever publicly exposed, or even if you used the same avatar image or photograph on multiple sites, it may be possible to piece together enough to reveal further details such as home addresses, phone numbers, re-used passwords and other critical personal information.

That response, be it retreat, fear, or defiance, “generates lulz”, feeding into the raiders’ mean-spirited sense of humor.

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