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Holding onto a bag of coins he collected from the house, Bidelman spotted a hole in the wall.

The homeowner's daughter had mentioned that when she was a kid she would hear rumors of how people would throw money in there. "I kicked the heck out of it, ruined the front of my leather shoes and [coins] came pouring out," Bidelman tells In 2007, an unidentified German student got lucky when she purchased a secondhand couch for 5 at a flea market in Berlin.

Instead, it can sit quietly in backyards, bathroom walls and even right beneath your feet.

I live for a meet-cute, and am always searching for ways to strike up conversations with attractive men I see in public.

I once tried to pick up a guy at Whole Foods by helping him test whether or not a melon was ripe.

Don Kagin, a rare coin expert who represents the finders, appraised the U. Today, you can find some of the coins offered for sale by Kagin's on and on the Kagin's website.

Jeff Bidelman, owner of Rare Collectibles in Pennsylvania, was helping a family clean an abandoned home and appraising their furniture when he found approximately $200,000 worth of coins inside a wall.

After delivery is complete, it is your bitch's job to care for the pups and your job to monitor her health.

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