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"We don't remember as well as we usually do." Taking notes, making sure you understand the doctor's instructions, and taking somebody with you to pay attention can compensate, she said.The patients we surveyed were enthusiastic online researchers; 61 percent reported that they had read about their condition on the Internet.Doctors were harder on themselves than patients were when it came to judging their ability to minimize the pain, discomfort, or disability caused by a condition.

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Four days later, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It suggests that patients who frequently switch doctors have more health problems and spend more on care than patients who have a consistent relationship with a single physician.

Being respectful and courteous toward your physician was the No.

The more of those standards their doctors met, the higher the patients' overall satisfaction.

But being courteous doesn't mean you have to be passive (though you can if you wish; 37 percent of patients we surveyed preferred to trust their doctor's judgment on treatment decisions).

2 thing doctors said patients could do to get better care; 61 percent said it would help "very much." But 70 percent said that since they had started practicing medicine, respect and appreciation from patients had gotten "a little" or "much" worse. Patients who gave their doctors high marks for "professionalism" were more likely to be highly satisfied.

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