Demi lovato who is she dating

“Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.” RELATED: Demi Lovato’s Parents Thank Fans for Their Kindness When Lovato and other tour members were on an airplane that same day, Lovato confronted a young dancer, whom she thought might have been the one to blame for telling on her.

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Demi has previously mentioned that she met 'Bomba' while working out at the gym, but we had our reservations about that.

Even though she IS Demi Lovato, she's still a person. It's even harder to go up to them when you're all sweaty at the gym, even if you have full level confidence.

And we have a feeling Demi is #Sorry Not Sorry about it. So, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Look Like They Totally Hooked up on Her Birthday!

The catalyst was a fight between the 18-year-old Disney Channel star and a dancer on the Jonas Brothers world tour, but the problem started the night before, a source close to the singer’s family tells PEOPLE.

But it's kind of nice because if you find somebody attractive, you can just hit them up or, like, slide into their DMs [direct messages] and be like, 'Hey, what's going on? The only positive thing about the situation is that she wrote a song about the experience. It's safe to say that it wasn't Luke or 'Bomba' because she dated them for quite some time.

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