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Now, forecasts suggested that 2017 would make it twice.By early evening Sunday, the tent city expected to have sprung up on the outskirts of the Heritage Park Softball Complex, was at best a village with barely a third of the allotted plots actually boasting a tent.NASA had predicted that between 1.8 and 7.4million will travel to or along the path of totality, a 65-mile-wide diagonal, which sounds like something on a map drawn up by L Ron Hubbard and stretches like a pageant winner's sash between Oregon and down to the East in South Carolina.

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' read like a kind of jovial survival guide to the apocalypse.

Those driving were warned to 'stock up on groceries, fuel and other incidentals.' If using coolers 'freeze larger blocks of ice now rather than counting on convenience store ice.'With a Solar Eclipse art fair, campers, music planned and souvenir stalls it was as if Doomsday Preppers had been put in charge of Woodstock.'Charge batteries on everything,' it continued, 'from point and shoot cameras to flashlights to portable chargers. Put a roll of toilet paper in your car.'And in case your children went missing or fell prey to 'stranger danger,' visitors were advised to 'take photographs of your children as they arrive to show current clothing and hairstyle.'Listen closely enough and you could hear City Hall's muffled screams of 'Don't Panic!

The silence said to accompany totality was punctured by cheers from the crowds.

And then it was dawn – a fast forward into sunlight once more.

He said: 'This only happens once in a lifetime and we saw that St Joe's was one of the bigger places to go to where there will be totality.'We got the T-shirts, we got the glasses…if it's the right moment and the clouds open up it'll be awesome.'Nodding at the signs he added: 'They're just a joke.

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