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There are things that women want for equality but we also want to be treated like a woman.

First of all, we really, really respect when a man is courteous. Yes, we respect equality but in the end of the day, we are women who also want to be pampered.

Giving up a seat, opening the door for us or something as simple as pulling out our chair will get you plenty of brownie points when you are on a date with a woman.

We don't expect you to bend yourself backward treating us like a princess, but a little care and a touch of gentlemanliness is something many women, including me, find extremely charming to behold.

I think one of the most important things that a woman really wants is a guy to be himself on the first date.

It is kind of what has kept us where we are in points.“It is just part of it,’’ Stenhouse said allowing a smile.“Like I told these guys, I have been wrecked before and wrecked people myself."The only thing the same is the number and the sponsors.

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