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She may be searching for some direction, but we’re not too worried about Rory.

She’s brilliant, stubborn, and determined—and we have a feeling she’ll land on her feet just fine. The offscreen death of Hermann’s character, Richard will play a major role in the lives of Emily, Lorelai, and Rory, to say the least.

Still, we’re looking forward to watching her navigate adulthood and the job market. In the trailer, we already saw a giant portrait of Richard that Emily erected in the living room—and there’s sure to be more heartbreaking nods to the Gilmore patriarch throughout the series revival.

VIDEO: 8 Times Lorelai and Rory Gilmore Defined Mother-Daughter Goals One of the trailer’s most shocking scenes was Emily Gilmore wearing jeans and—gasp!

How exciting would it be if the fall episode features a Thanksgiving meal a la Sookie? Lorelei and Sookie fulfilled their lifelong dreams when they opened The Dragonfly Inn back in Season 4.

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