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JOHNSTON: It’s honestly, working with him again is great. What was weird was that I didn’t really have any of those residual feelings. I was present over at Read more: ‘The Exes’ star Kristen Johnston previews season 2, talks about her return to sitcom life ‘The Exes’: Judith Light guests as Kristen Johnston’s mother!

I wasn’t sure when they said, “We cast Wayne Knight.” I thought about how I love him, but I thought to myself, Oh, no… The bottom line is that it’s the greatest gift that anyone could have ever given me. I mean, it really is because it’s gotten rid of any residual shame or weird shoots in Studio City, Calif.] CBS Radford, and Kristen came out and came up to me with a preamble, which was, “Look, I’m sober. They were more hers than mine, but I was really touched that she did that. KNIGHT: Yeah, and I was really touched that she came to me, and we were going to build a new relationship on this show, which has been great. — FIRST LOOK ‘The Exes’ premieres tonight on TV Land: Kristen Johnston and Wayne Knight reunite!

This is kind of a misdirect anyway — it’s not really the beginnings of a relationship between Holly and Haskell. KNIGHT: It’s just that it was very nostalgic, in the sense of finding each others’ rhythms and being able to work with each other in a really good way, and that felt really good. I was struggling when we used to work together on , and we didn’t have the connection that we have now. Neither of us really knew each other before — we worked with each other very well, but we didn’t know each other as people. Because it wasn’t like we didn’t like each other at all. It would never have occurred to me to, like, hang out with him back then. JOHNSTON: I don’t think that’s why they wrote it, by the way, at all. Wayne, Don was a bowler, which is referenced in this episode. KNIGHT: Don did have his fingers in a ball, that is correct. KNIGHT: Well, c’mon, he lived in Ohio — he had to bowl! It’s just two actors that people love to see together.

It’s just a situation by where we’re once again are working in full tandem, and it was like, old home week. All of a sudden, me to come back sober, and I have discovered my deep love for Wayne Knight, my deep love for him as a man, like, how amazing he is and how smart he is. KNIGHT: There’s an appreciation of the whole picture of life as opposed to just ambition and circumstance and all the stuff that happens in this business. And he and Sally were on and off all the time weren’t they? KNIGHT: No, this was great, like a fan, you’ll see those things. Are there ever discussions about having other actors from the ? But I have a specific idea for John Lithgow that I hope they want to do someday because it would be genius.

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