Dating is the emotional equivalent of an english degree

I believe this is the genius of Larry David, Woody Allen and Lena Dunham.

dating is the emotional equivalent of an english degree-42

Either (or neither) party may be at fault, but the point is, it’s not a good match.

I like men who have strong opinions and strong interests.

Some guys want it several times a day no matter what, especially early on.

I went to college during an era when the sexes didn’t have much access to one another on campus. A car was ideal, but if you didn’t have one all sorts of furtive arrangements were required.

I’m not talking about skinny dipping, I’m talking about calling in sick to work and flying to the Caribbean on a whim for a week. Or quitting a job because “those people are driving me crazy.” Or any behavior showing a failure to comprehend that credit card spending will have to be dealt with at some future point. If you have doubts, feel angsty, or have a lot of conflict in a relationship, end it.

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