Dating bulgarian makarov

Fortunately, there are a number of manufacturers making new ammo for these guns.Russian ammo from Tul Ammo, Wolf and Brown Bear are generally your best bet for inexpensive target ammo.I own a East German made Makarov that has a beautiful blued finish. The serial number on mine suggest it was made in or around 1961, meaning that this pistol spent far more time in an armory or in a holster than it did on the firing range. It fits very well in my hand, it is well balanced and recoil is very mild.

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The Pistolet Makarova, or Makarov, was a Cold War pistol designed in the 1950s for the Soviet Union.

Nikolai Makarov, a Russian, developed the medium-powered handgun as a replacement for the aging Nagant revolver and a Tokarev pistol.

The ejection port is smaller than I would have expected, but it does not seem to induce any failures.

Milsurp and new production ammo all seem to run fine in the Makarov.

Incredibly inexpensive, many Russian, Bulgarian and East German Makarov pistols were snapped up during the 90s. It uses a relatively heavy slide and spring to tame the recoil and function reliably.

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