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Since Geno Pro does not create information, a blank value is used to describe an unspecified relationship when creating a new family.This is the symbol used by Geno Pro to indicate the user has not yet specified the type of relationship. Use the appropriate family relationship symbol to describe the status of the family.Although there is no legal definition of cohabitation, it generally means to live under the same roof as a couple, without being married.

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Based on the 2006 census, men remarry more often than women.

Remarriage rates also differ by ethnicity; remarriage is most common among White women, while Black women have the lowest probability of marrying again.

In fact, second marriages overall do consistently better than first marriages.

Where one or both spouses are marrying for the second time, couples marrying today face an estimated 31% risk of divorce during their lifetime, compared to an estimated 45% risk of divorce amongst couples where both spouses are marrying for the first time.

People may be eager to remarry because they do not see themselves as responsible for the previous marriage ending.

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