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Details of the method used cannot be disclosed for security reasons, but sources said they now have the technical expertise to repeat the process in future.It was made possible because Masood’s mobile telephone was recovered after he was shot dead.The suspect was taken away by armed police; no one was injured during the incident.

By law all residents in France must have some form of health insurance, whether private or a state French health insurance scheme (read our guide to health insurance in France).

In order to be eligible for coverage under the state French health care system (PUMA), you need to be either employed or living in France on a stable and an ongoing basis for more than three months with the intention to spend more than 183 days a year in France.

The reform is aimed at simplifying the French healthcare system and reducing paperwork, as well as guarantees that everyone who works or lives permanently in France (longer than three months) will have access to French healthcare and reimbursements.

In addition, starting at the end of 2017, doctors and certain medical personnel will have to waive upfront payments and be paid directly by the government or health insurer, unlike the system now where some patients pay upfront for their French healthcare services and make a claim later.

Families of victims of terrorism in Brussels, Paris and California are taking legal actions in American courts against Twitter and Facebook claiming that the companies had failed to stop violent extremists from using their platforms.

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