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Contact the relevant police force for records other than those of the Metropolitan Police or the Royal Irish Constabulary. The Control Office for Germany and Austria and the Control Commission for Germany (British Element) were responsible for transport in the occupied territories after the war.They were part of the Foreign Office and their records have the department code FO.

Before 1890, pensions were granted on a discretionary basis.

Browse correspondence and papers in MEPO 5/1-90 (1829-1859) for: Search Discovery, our catalogue, in MEPO 21/1-19 for records of Metropolitan Police pensioners who retired or resigned between 18 and who received a police pension.

Please note, this is a search across the entire catalogue description of each record, not just the name.

A search for someone called Barnes, for example, may give some results for people born in Barnes.

Consult records of service and photographs of the women police patrols employed from 1919 at the Metropolitan Historical Collection.

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