Dating a marshall amp

Alot of swearing, getting the lines straight and sore hands pulling the grill cloth tight and trying to staple it in at the same time.

This he did and Clapton used a Marshall stack on some of the nights on tour.

MARSHALL DATE CODES Early Marshall through the JCM800 series.

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Its quite possible that the cab you have came through with screws holding the corners one.

ru/dating-dr-z-amp-4429 Dating a Marshall amplifier can. f=40&t=9271 07/11/2011 · JMP amplifiers, 1959/ 1987/ 1992/ 1986 (non-MV) 2203/ 2204 (MV) Moderator: longfxukxnhair.

23217/ 16/02/2011 · So a local music store just got in an old jmp head and I was wondering if you guys could help me determine the year.

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