Creative ideas for updating closet doors dating iris

On the plus side, you’ll have a beautiful, functional bed and a huge sense of accomplishment when you’re done.

The wood for the project shouldn’t cost you more than a few hundred dollars, maximum.

Here’s a link to the full tutorial if you want to make a bowtie pillow: Don’t limit yourself to just one option though, here are a bunch more, and here is another detailed guide on how to make them (sewing instructions included).

Instead of a boring shelf, you essentially get a piece of functional artwork.

You can buy it here on Amazon for about $170, which isn’t exactly cheap, but not just for millionaires either.

Here’s a fantastic resource with 40 other DIYheadboards: (Image source) Drum shades are all the rage right now, but often come with a hefty price tag.

If you don’t mind heading to the craft and hardware store, you can pick up the supplies to make a beautiful shade that won’t hurt your wallet.

Starting with some cheap hollow core doors, add on some measured wooden panels to create your base.

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